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Welcome to Mavuno, where passion meets purpose, and possibilities are endless.

The name Mavuno, which means harvest, yield, and provide in Swahili, perfectly describes our retail cannabis company whose mission is to improve lives through the goodness of cannabis.

Mavuno’s commitment is not three-, but four-fold: 1) to offer a quality and diverse selection of cannabis products that meet our customers’ needs, 2) to provide unrivaled customer experiences, 3) to continue our legacy of providing access to careers in cannabis for women and other underrepresented groups, and 4) to contribute to local and state economies, all while embracing and changing the conversation regarding cannabis and its benefits.

Licensed in 2017 and operational in 2021, Mavuno, a family owned and operated company, was born out of a deep-rooted passion for social equity, culture, and family values. As the first Black and the first woman-owned cannabis company to achieve vertical integration in the state of Ohio, CEO, Ariane Kirkpatrick, and COO, Amonica Davis, Ariane’s sister, have proudly broken barriers, blazed trails, and paved the way for a diverse and inclusive workforce and supply chain in the cannabis industry.
At Mavuno, having been raised by a schoolteacher mother and a salesperson for a father, Ariane and Amonica believe in the power of education to inform, inspire, and change lives. Through strategic programs and partnerships, coupled with authentic relationships, Mavuno’s operators and team members empower customers and other curious individuals, through education and resources, to make informed decisions regarding cannabis and to navigate its evolving landscape.

The alignment of our mission, values, and business goals is our “secret sauce.” We strive to live by our core values of Accountability, Dedication, Authenticity, and Impact which inform our behavior and the key business decisions we make. Focusing on what’s most important allows us to create a better quality of work, operate more efficiently, deliver desired results, build stakeholder confidence, and support our community while remembering to have fun along the way.
Join us on our journey as we continue to cultivate relationships, elevate knowledge, and increase impact. Together, we are redefining the cannabis experience and building a brighter, more informed, and inclusive future for all.

Welcome to Mavuno, where passion meets purpose, and possibilities are endless.

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Founding Story

Established in 2018 by a dynamic duo of visionary entrepreneurs, Mavuno was born out of a deep-rooted passion for culture, family values, and education.

Meet Our

executive team

Ariane Kirkpatrick

Chief Executive Officer

Amonica Davis

Chief Operating Officer

Kristopher Kirkpatrick

Chief Financial Officer

Ali Kirkpatrick

Chief Strategy Officer

Nicole McKinney-Johnson

Chief People Officer

Jalen Davis

Chief Innovation Officer

Keya Kellum

Director of Marketing

Jonathan Oswick

Director of Facilities

Jeané Holly

Community & Public Relations Specialist

Jazmine Couch

Licensing & Special Projects Manager

Audrey Thompson

Executive Assistant to CEO

Frequently Asked


Have a question? We have an answer!

To shop at Mavuno, you’ll need to bring your valid Driver’s License and Medical Card.

You can find Mavuno’s daily sales on our website and Instagram Stories.

Keep an eye out for exclusive deals!

For online orders, payment is made upon pickup. We accept various payment methods for your convenience.

Yes, currently we require a valid medical card for purchases. However, recreational sales are set for September. Until then, we only accept medical cards.

We recommend coming in at least an hour or two before closing to ensure you have enough time to browse our selection. Please note that state regulations require our doors to close at a certain time.

Our rewards program offers exclusive benefits for loyal customers. Simply sign up in-store or on our website to start earning rewards with every purchase.