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Embrace the power of pink during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! It's an amazing time to emphasize the importance of preventative measures like regular screenings, being physically active, and maintaining a healthy diet. In uniting to raise awareness about breast cancer, we hope to create a world where early detection and effective treatments become the norm for the 242,100 people diagnosed each year.

While advancements in treatments have drastically lowered the fatality risks of breast cancer, there are still side effects that come with the disease. Breast cancer, along with many other cancers, may often result in pain for the patient, which can include joint and muscle aches, overall discomfort, and stiffness. Pain management is one of the most common reasons for breast cancer patients to use medical marijuana. According to “A Coala-T-Cannabis Survey Study of Breast Cancer Patients’ Use of Cannabis Before, During, and After Treatment”, 75% of surveyed breast cancer patients reported that it was extremely or very helpful in relieving their symptoms.

Research for medical cannabis and its effects on breast cancer is still ongoing, so speak to a doctor if you’d like to learn more about medical marijuana as a treatment option for you. As we discover more and more, we hope to create a future without breast cancer.

To learn more about breast cancer and how to spread awareness, visit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!