Butterfly Effect: 440mg 2:1 CBD:THC Capsules 20pk

The Butterfly Effect Premium Wellness Capsules provide nano emulsified, water soluble, all-natural, full spectrum, CO2 derived cannabis oil. Created to deliver maximum THC access and rapid onset, our Capsules contain 110mg, 440mg, or 2:1 440mg THC with 20 capsules per container. Patients looking to micro-dose, we recommend consuming the 110mg THC container.

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Firelands Scientific: 1g Indica Vape Cartridge (Dark Storm)

THE PROCESS: Firelands Scientific Vape Cartridges are filled with cultivar-specific cannabis oils that are CO2-extracted from our greenhouse-grown flower; using simply cannabinoids and terpenes – no fillers or cutting agents. Manufactured by AVD, the cartridges are non-toxic, inert and have a lead-free composition.

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Klutch: 2.83g Sativa Flower (Orange 43)

The scent of Orange 43 lives up to its name, with a sharp citrus aroma dominating over hints of earth, gas and spices, while White Fire 43 lends itself more to Orange 43’s potency. Most batches of Orange 43 typically test in the low to mid 30s for Total THC. The large dense nuggets of Orange 43 are usually fluffy and covered in orange pistils. Despite its Indica-dominate lineage, the intense effects of this strain will have you feeling uplifted and creative.

Dried cannabis flower is primarily ingested via inhalation. Activation time is roughly about 5 minutes and can last up to a few hours. Sativa dominant cannabis strains are typically used for their uplifting and energetic effects, which is why many users prefer Sativa strains for daytime use.

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