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Doctor’s Day: Joel Simmons

Since 1933, National Doctor’s Day has marked a time to thank all the physicians who are on the frontline of healthcare and ensure that patients get the care they need each day. This year, we’re proud to extend this appreciation to the doctors within the medical cannabis industry.

On this Doctor’s Day, we’re happy to announce our inaugural Doctor of the Year Award, and we’re starting out strong with Dr. Simmons, Founder, Owner, and Medical Director of the Ohio Herbal Clinic.

Since receiving his Certificate to Recommend medical marijuana in Ohio in April 2018, Dr. Simmons has been at the forefront of patient care. In his mission to help patients, he has guided and qualified over 4,000 individuals for medical marijuana use. We commend his commitment to serving his hometown and community in Columbus, Ohio.

As a graduate of Kent State University and Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED), with additional training from Mount Carmel West and the University of Iowa, Dr. Simmons uses his extensive education to provide personal and quality care for each of his patients. 

As we celebrate his outstanding contributions, we invite you to join us in congratulating Dr. Simmons on being named our Doctor of the Year.

Thank you, Dr. Simmons, for your unwavering commitment to patient care and for supporting those seeking relief through medical marijuana. We look forward to seeing the medical marijuana industry grow with more doctors like you at the forefront. 

To learn more about Dr. Joel Simmons, click here!