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Empowering Green: How Women Are Leading the Way in the Cannabis Market

It’s time to celebrate Women’s History Month! The cannabis industry is filled with unique people united by one plant, and one group of people in particular is increasing their share of the business: women! Join us as we explore the increasing number of female consumers, the rise of women-led businesses, and the impactful leadership of women entrepreneurs and trailblazers.

Female Consumers in Cannabis:

According to studies completed by Flowhu, there’s been a notable rise in female cannabis consumers. More women are turning to natural alternatives like cannabis products to manage pain and other qualifying conditions. This trend can be attributed to factors such as changing societal attitudes, increased legalization, and growing awareness of cannabis’s therapeutic benefits for women’s health.

Headset mentions that it comes to product preferences, women often choose options that offer therapeutic benefits and promote self-care. Topicals and wellness products are popular for their holistic approach to well-being. Low-dose edibles are amazing for discreteness and ease of use, allowing women to incorporate cannabis into their routines without stigma.

In terms of consumption methods, many women prefer vaping, tinctures, and microdosing for their precise dosing and quick onset of effects. These methods are valued for promoting relaxation and enhancing overall quality of life.

Rise of Women-Led Businesses:

The rise of women-led businesses in the cannabis industry is a testament to the shifting landscape of entrepreneurship and gender equality. Across functions such as cultivation, retail, and ancillary services, women entrepreneurs are making their mark with innovation and strategy. From managing cultivation operations to creating unique retail experiences, these women are reshaping the cannabis industry and challenging traditional norms.

Success stories abound among women entrepreneurs who have overcome barriers and paved the way for others in the industry. Trail Blazers like Montannah, author of Tannahbis coffee table books, have demonstrated remarkable creativity and vision in navigating the complexities of a male-dominated field. Others, like Dr. Bridget Williams, have leveraged their medical expertise to care for patients and drive industry-wide change. These women-led businesses not only contribute to the economic growth of the cannabis industry but also serve as inspiring examples of empowerment and inclusivity.


As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s clear that women are making significant strides in shaping the cannabis industry. From increasing female consumers to the rise of women-led businesses breaking barriers and driving industry-wide change, their influence can’t be denied. Leaders  like Katie Burrel, Co-Founder of a Cannabis Marketing Agency called PufCreative, and Cimone Casson, owner of Cannas Capital Insurance Firm, truly show resilience and determination in reshaping traditionally male-dominated spaces. Their success stories not only contribute to the industry’s growth but also inspire us on our journey of empowerment and inclusivity!