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Meet These 3 Cannabis Queens

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work in the cannabis industry without ever touching a cannabis plant? Have you ever wondered how it feels to fight for your voice to be heard in a busy, male-dominated industry? Meet these incredible Cannabis Queens who demonstrate leadership, brilliance, and endurance in ancillary companies while setting themselves apart in a male-dominated industry.

1.) Nicole Fenix - Director of Education at Cleveland School of Cannabis

  • Nicole Fenix is a dedicated professional with extensive experience in education and the cannabis industry. Since September 2019, she has served as the Director of Education at the Cleveland School of Cannabis (CSC), where her passion for cannabis education shines through. Nicole’s strong educational background serves as a solid foundation for her work and enhancement of CSC. Nicole is committed to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the cannabis industry. 

2.) Montannah “Tannah” Ragland - Owner of Tannahbis Puff Co and Author of Tannahbis Books

  • Meet Tannah Ragland, the Founder of Tannahbist Puff Co, LLC, and author of Tannahbis Tea Table Art Books. As the visionary behind a Black woman-owned cannabis company and private bud bar, Tannah is dedicated to destigmatizing cannabis and elevating its cultural significance. Certified in marijuana horticulture and cannabis mixology, Tannah is a passionate cannabis enthusiast who leverages her expertise to challenge societal norms. With a Master’s degree in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, she seamlessly integrates powerful concepts into her work, sparking imagination and challenging conventional standards.. 

Katie Burrel - VP, COO and Co-Founder at PufCreativ (Cannabis Marketing Agency)

  • Katie Burrel is the VP, COO, and co-founder of PufCreativ, an award-winning cannabis marketing agency. With a knack for social media management, digital marketing, SEO, and more, Katie is committed to creating and promoting genuine experiences in the cannabis industry, as seen by her recognition as Adcon’s 2022 Marketer of the Year. Proudly representing the LGBTQ+ community, Katie advocates for diversity and inclusion, inspiring others to explore opportunities in the cannabis space.